Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario operates from over 30 years in the field of precision machining. It was exactly born in 1974 from the passion of its founder as handicraft workshop in Altare (in Savona hinterland), where all its organization business departments are located.

The facilities owned area , is carried out in about 4.000 sq. meters including the administrative and commercial offices, the technical section of engineering, the production shop, the testing and quality control area, the stores of stocking for the raw materials, the semifinished products and the end-products area.

During the early years, Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario gradually abandoned the identity of artisan company that characterized its initial steps to eventually become a solid and dynamic company. The company currently operates in various fields of high technological content.
The management considers engineering a really important component in the activity because it represents an essential tool in the daily work. The technical department has been provided with advanced programs of 3D digital prototyping that consents to display, simulate and trace the functioning of projects in actual conditions before their realization primarily in MOULDS field.



Know-how, reliability, professionalism and quality service have contributed to a rapid development of the company which always keeps pace with the latest technologies. Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario is able to satisfy more different requirements in his own sectors of competence, always assuring an high and qualitative reliability level.

The working staff systematically follows training courses and seminars of formation and has reached a competence that allows the firm to take technical challenges in several fields.




Officina Cagnone Mario - Località Isola Grande - 17041 Altare (Sv) - Italy - Tel. +39 019.58.124 - Fax +39
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