In the last years Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario has reserved particular attention to the field of MOULDS for the processing of plastic articles.

The high specialization skills, allows the company to introduce itself as a supplier able to implement CUSTOMER needs in every production step, from engineering planning to final testing.

The technical office is provided with advanced systems for the 2D and  3D planning and is equipped with programs for rapid prototyping. The wise use of these advanced tools of elaboration with 3D modeling, allows to create digital prototypes avoiding any slips.

Using these up- to- date technology, Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario consents his CUSTOMERS to realize varied and complex forms with guarantee of elevated quality and rapidity of execution.

Our production covers different fields of application and particular attention is given to those customers with specific requirements, that need a "custom-made" product.


The appointment and the notable experience of the staff allow Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario to solve any technical and production problem and the skill in planning and in construction, ensures a very reliable and competitive cost of the end product also in emergency situation.



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