The knowledge of the production process and the development of the mechanical technologies have been the key elements which have contributed to the development businnes of Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario focused on the production of high precision mechanical parts, worked to drawings. The company has also achieved a meaningful experience in various areas as:

  • chip machining; CNC milling; turning; cutting, drilling, precision grinding of steels, hard metals, cast iron, bronze, alloy and plastic materials
  • mechanical works on commission of small and middle series mechanical parts
  • reconditioning, assembling and construction of mechanical groups
  • realization of carpentries from customers drawings
  • plunge spark erosion
  • engineering and 3D drawings
  • designing and realization of MOULDS for thermoplastic objects
  • testing and final inspection

The workshop is also capable of furnishing the complete end product with any further superficial finishings:
  • heat treatments ( tempering,stress relieving, recovery, nitriding, cementation )
  • galvanic treatments (burnishing, nickel-plating, chromium-plating, phosphating)
  • covering treatments ( anodizing )
  • anticorrosive treatments and industrial painting

Officina Cagnone Mario - Località Isola Grande - 17041 Altare (Sv) - Italy - Tel. +39 019.58.124 - Fax +39
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